Use Covid for Self Help

During Covid I’ve taken the time to indulge in a few “self help” exercises. One of my favorites is developing a list of things I want to do… personally, professionally, spiritually… or whatever. You might call it “goal setting”… or a “bucket list”… it’s a quick and easy way to keep your life moving forward in a healthy and robust way. It’s not a new idea, just one that we need to be reminded of from time to time.

Years ago, I was reminded of it at a book signing (yes, I’m a nerd and love a good book signing) for “2Do Before I Die”, by Michael Ogden and Chris Day. I had recently lost my husband to cancer and was looking for something to help guide me through the obvious pitfalls and lend purpose to this new unanticipated life of mine.

The book is a sort of “self help” book. The authors documented life changing experiences as examples of what is possible and ask a series of thought provoking questions to start you on your personal journey. At the end of the book, there are a few blank pages for you to enter your own personalized “2 do List”. It might help to think of your “List” in categories:

Explore – Some place you’d love to visit, hike, live?

Challenge – Break a habit, get fit, skydive?

Give – Volunteer at a charity, mentor a child?

Roots – Look up an old friend, trace your ancestory?

Legacy – Continue a family tradition, build something that lasts?

Work – Change careers, teach?

Love – Fall in love, throw a surprise party for a friend?

Express – Paint on canvas, write, stage a play?

Learn – Learn to fly a plane, dance, or cook a meal?

If you’ve faced death, you realize how permanent it is, and how important it is to “live your best life” now. So during this very difficult time, I picked up “2Do Before I Die” and reviewed my “List”. I found that I accomplished some things, discarded a few, and now I’m adding new “things to do”. It’s a living document, so changes with me… and the process gives me a much needed lift and injection of positive action! My hope is that you’ll create your own list and enjoy the process!

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