Bring Joy to Your Home :)

Now that we’re spending so much time at home it’s even more important to enhance our surroundings, because they effect our mood, so “keeping it positive” should extend to our home!

It’s easy to create a joyful, positive environment for you and your family. For a quick, dynamic, and inexpensive change, try a new accent color… or for the more adventurous, a whole new color scheme! Bright colors add excitement and can bring a smile to your face in an instant. Paint an old chair or table and suddenly it seems new!

Arrange items so that you are regularly surprised and delighted! Put an aromatherapy candle in the front hall closet, so that every time you hang your coat, you are greeted with your favorite scent. Display scarves, purses, and belts so that you can quickly choose the best for your outfit, but also, so that you can enjoy them every day.

Finally, “lighten up”! Open the drapes, blinds, shutters and let the light in. Enjoy the stress relieving benefits of natural light and health benefits of vitamin D. Then purge what you’re not using anymore, studies show that clutter increases stress levels. Remember, if you haven’t used it in 6 months… let someone else… it’s a win-win, and a nice way to start the new year đŸ™‚

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