Discover Your Personal Style

Personal style is generally a byproduct of your lifestyle choices – your occupation, where you live and how you spend your time. For instance, if you work in a bank, what you wear will be much different, than if you coach athletics. And if you live in Alaska, your clothing choices will be different than if you live in Hawaii.

So some of “personal style” is dictated. But today, we’re going to give you some easy steps to discover what fashions reflect your personality and lifestyle! Don’t get lost following trends or in the fleeting satisfaction of an impulse buy.

Here’s a quick and easy way to find your unique personal style:

  1. Decide who inspires you. This can be a celebrity, a mentor, a fictional character… whatever… it’s all about you!
  2. Put a “mood board” together. Pinterest is an easy tool to use for this, just pull outfits that inspire you and add them to your new mood board page. Do a search for your “fashion mentor” and pull your favorite “looks” from their page. Or go through fashion magazines and pull pages of your favorite outfits. Keep them in a notebook, journal, or file as reference. You’ll start noticing trends. Maybe you like plaids… or lace… or metalics. You prefer silk to wool. You like bold color. Then decide if you’re “urban”, “athletic”, “Hollywood glam”, “beachy boho”, “casual chic”, “country”, “traditional”. Anyway, you get the picture… put a label on it!
  3. Most importantly. Find your Signature. This is your constant. It might be an accessory, like a hat, purse, vintage jewelry, sunglasses, or it could be your hair color/style… ’50’s red siren lips… Kylie Jenner neon nails.
  4. Next purge your closet of items that don’t fit your style.
  5. Then the party begins. Put outfits together that fit your style. Review your “mood board” for inspiration.

Voila, personal style demystified!