“Change Your thinking and you’ll change Your world.”

Although I don’t agree with everything Norman Peale authored, I think this particular quote is relevant when you’ve decided to make a lifestyle change. We’ve all heard that we should be positive, rid ourselves of toxic behaviors… but how exactly do we do that? Change your thought processes to change your mind set, ultimately changing your behaviors.

We begin developing thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about ourselves from birth. Your “mind set” is how you’ve habitually responded to a situation. Your life experiences have brought you to this point. If you’re happy with where you’re at in the world, then you’ve probably already learned how to change your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes in order to succeed. If not… try these simple exercises.

  1. “Change your language and you change your thinking with the use of daily Affirmations and Actions. ” (from Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions by Phyllis Reardon
  2. Add “Yes, I can!” to your self-help vernacular. (I can’t thank my gymnastics coach enough for instilling the “yes I can” mindset with me at a very early age! It gave me a “can do” attitude that helped me through life’s challenges and was a fundamental factor in my successes.

Let me know how you’ve changed your world!